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Flip Pharmacy On Its Head.

MedOne is dedicated to helping organizations contain their pharmacy spend to alleviate the unnecessary burden of high pharmacy costs for members nationwide.

Our Approach

Traditional PBMs and their resellers add layers of cost, while making it difficult TO provide actionable insights.

MedOne eliminates these layers and empowers you and your clients to reduce prescription spend.

Here's How Medone Works.

Step 1
Facilitate direct
RX contracts

We connect employers with high-performing pharmacies and manufacturers.

  • Easy implementation & flexible integrations.
  • The price we get is the price you get.
  • Aligned fee structure with savings upside.
Step 2
Craft employer-specific RX Strategy

Our game plan to optimize “what” and “where” members fill on your terms.

  • Visibility into how to access better prices through detailed reporting.
  • Cost-saving strategies that match employer benefit philosophy.
  • You and your client are in control. We guide and execute the plan.
Step 3
Execute the plan & measure results

MedOne executes in a member-centric manner and validates savings.

  • MedOne makes things happen. We're not a white-label or reseller.
  • No one likes surprises when it comes to their benefit.
  • We look beyond unit pricing and base our success on overall PMPM spend.

Our approach outperforms market benchmarks by 25%.

Based on the industry average of $88.97 per member.

ROI Calculator
How much can your client save by choosing Medone?

By partnering with MedOne, you could save a 2,000 life client more than $600,000 annually.

Your Member Intervention Tolerance

How aggressive would your group like to be to achieve savings?

Annual Savings

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It's Time To Transition Pharmacy Benefits From Fee-for-volume To Fee-for-value.

At MedOne, our fees are disclosed and tied to our performance.

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MedOne has become my go-to PBM not only for my clients’ Rx carve-outs, but for any prescription drug inquiry I may have.

Sarah Grauel Cobbs Allen
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